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After Bariatric Surgery – 5 Tips for Staying Healthy

Winning at life after Bariatric Surgery is what most say once the weight is gone. Bariatric bypass surgery and similar medical treatments have been life-changing experiences for thousands of people, …

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Healthy Bariatric Meal Planning – 4th Of July

Need a healthy bariatric meal plan for the 4th of July? With 4th of July weekend approaching, here are 5 simple ways to stick to healthy bariatric meal planning while …

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The U.S. Medical Tourism Advantages: Stats & Facts

Medical Tourism Advantages of going to Las Vegas Provides Care Advantage The United States leads the world in medical technology and innovation. That’s why it is little wonder that more …

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Weight Loss Surgery Vacations A Dream Come True

Weight Loss Surgery Vacation sounds like a dream right? Not when a variety of horror stories circulated in the media about foreign doctors messing up a surgery or misdiagnosing a …

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Heart Disease After Bariatric Surgery Research

Studies show improvement in heart disease after Bariatric Surgery, for Weight Loss. In attempt to learn if heart disease after bariatric surgery gets better or worse a study was done …

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