What is an SRC Master Surgeon?

The SRC (Surgical Review Corporation) accredits top surgeons and other medical professionals across the globe who have reached a pinnacle of excellence in safe, high-quality surgical care and outcomes. Dr. Bernie Hanna is honored to have achieved this designation, reflecting his talents and dedication to achieving superior results with bariatric surgery.

Dr. Bernie Hanna, Master Surgeon

If you are considering bariatric surgery, you know that many surgeons perform these procedures nationwide – but few have been accredited as a Master Surgeon. Dr. Hanna has established a unique practice in Las Vegas, where patients can experience advanced laparoscopic bariatric surgeries and follow-up care that lasts a lifetime – not just a few weeks or months. This level of support truly sets Las Vegas Bariatrics apart from the rest. 

What are the Criteria for Being an Accredited SRC Master Surgeon?

The SRC is a nonprofit patient safety organization that accredits the top surgeons in various fields, identifying surgeons worldwide who meet the highest criteria for patient care.

The issues evaluated include the surgeon’s:

  • Experience, equipment, and instruments
  • Board certification and ongoing training
  • Developed clinical pathways and operating procedures
  • Medical and administrative support staff needed to offer patient education

Dr. Bernie Hanna, the founder of Las Vegas Bariatrics, is honored to have achieved Master Surgeon status and been recognized by the SRC for his exceptional care and surgical outcomes.

An Extraordinary Level of Patient Support

Dr. Hanna is committed to redefining surgical weight loss and performing surgical procedures and long-term support programs that are beneficial, safe, and effective. The practice focuses on meticulous attention to detail in every surgery and a multidisciplinary approach for long-term success in health and wellness. Nothing is more rewarding for Dr. Hanna and his team of surgeons, other medical professionals, and support staff than seeing a once-obese patient enjoying healthy, optimal living!

Dr. Hanna and his team teach patients how to lead a healthy lifestyle by focusing on what’s important. It is not an authoritarian approach but a team effort that has proven exceptionally successful. Health maintenance is a journey. With a multidisciplinary approach, each patient is provided with a rare and unique level of support that leads to a healthy and satisfying lifestyle. Our Master Surgeon and a certified team have redefined support, offering a lifetime of follow-up care built around nutrition, fitness, and group support. 

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Your Journey to Wellness Starts Here.

The team at Las Vegas Bariatrics is dedicated to patient success in the weight loss journey. We will create a custom weight loss program to match the individual needs of the patient. The entire team is committed to being there every step of the way, focused on safety and quality of care. Our patients are our patients for life. We are here for you, for the long haul, and will continue to the end.

Bariatric Surgery Performed by a Master Surgeon 

What it Means for You.

If you are considering bariatric surgery, choosing surgeons is the most critical decision you will ever make. You have likely struggled to overcome the condition, faced fear and emotional stress, and may be living with additional health problems. When under the care of Dr. Hanna and the team at Las Vegas Bariatrics, we are here to help you on the journey to true health and wellness, along with a happier, more confident future.

Long-Term Results Require Ongoing Support.

Imagine a bariatric surgery practice that considers you their patient for life! At Las Vegas Bariatrics, our process is unique in that the support and follow-up you need are delivered for a lifetime. You can be free from the health risks and problems associated with obesity, living your best life! It is all possible when under the care of our Master Surgeon, Dr. Hanna, coupled with the support you deserve in all the years ahead.

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