This has proved to be an amazing jump start to successful weight loss and to maintain a healthy life style!! It is not the easy way out! It takes work and commitment, dedication and determination but nothing worth achieving is easy. I would do it again in a hot minute! Thank you Dr. Hanna for your support and encouragement; special thanks to your staff, I could not have done this without all of you.

Debi Greene

Having Dr. Hanna do this surgery is the best thing I’ve ever done. Dr. Hanna knows what it takes to lose the weight and always takes the time to work with you to make it happen. I was 335 pounds with a 48 waist, now 200 pounds and a 34 waist in just over one year.

John Laam

Coming in to see Dr Hanna was the best decision I've ever made in my life! I was so unhappy with my weight and always covered up. Now I love to go out and enjoy simple things like shopping for clothes. Best decision ever! Great office staff! Highly recommended!

Samantha Snedden

Thank you Dr. Hanna and staff for giving me a better quality of life and for guiding me on keeping my weight loss off. I had the sleeve procedure done and I think the procedure is a wonderful way to lose weight to have a better lifestyle and mind. Thanks again Dr. Hanna and staff

Aida Ochoa

Dr. Hanna is a remarkable surgeon who truly cares about his patient. He is with you in the beginning and stays with you throughout your weight loss process. His entire staff offers a superb support system. The Lap Band is great it makes it so easy to lose weight. If I can lose weight anyone can! The procedure is fast and nearly painless. I definitely recommend Dr. Hanna and the Lap Band procedure.

Nancy Sagona

My life has completely changed after gastric bypass surgery. I went from 265 lbs. to 145 lbs. I was a size 24-26 and now wear a size 6-7. I love myself and feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my adult life. Dr. Hanna has a wonderful bedside manner and did a great job on my surgery. Thanks to him, I have a second chance to fully enjoy life.

Connie Abbott

When I reached my high weight of 270 lbs. something needed to be done, so I chose to see Dr. Hanna. I have lost over 100 lbs in 9 months and feel great! Thank you to General Surgery Solutions and Dr. Hanna & Jeanny.

Jennifer Yturralde

Up to a year ago, I could not stick to a diet plan. Could not commit to exercise on a regular basis, I needed it to make drastic lifestyle changes, so my health could improve, Dr. Hanna and his professional staff helped me achieve my goals. Now I feel so much better and full of energy.

Reina Ortiz

10 months ago I was 310 lbs, my life was very unhappy and I was always depressed. Now I am 140 lbs and I feel great, my life is so much more than what it was before. Thanks Dr. Hanna.

Autumn Halsey

Dr Hanna and his staff have given me a new lease on life!!!! They have provided me with all the tools to succeed and the the support to keep me motivated. They are all amazing. I love them!

Sheri Lynn Ramsey Lewis

I put on probably an extra 10 to 15 years to my life and not in pounds. I was in a power chair, and now I’m in my shoes and walking, Thanks to Dr Hanna and the Good Lord directing him, Thanks to both of them I’m still here!!!

James Freelong

Dr. Hanna is a brilliant clinician and his staff are warm and very efficient. It was the only practice that I didn’t feel like a number. This surgery changed my life in an extremely positive way. The few times that I’ve had issues was because of my own non-compliance to the program Dr. Hanna set forth. My surgery and the positive effect was a success because I started off on the right foot by choosing the Best Surgeon; after my Year of research


Dr. Hanna and his staff are wonderful. With my sleeve operation I have lost 61 pounds in 3 months. The care and concern given to me by Dr. Hanna is great. The support group and walks keep me on to a permanent healthy weight. Thank you Dr. Hanna and Staff. Dr. Hanna is my hero. Without him and his staff I would still have diabetes, high blood pressure, apnea and high cholesterol. No more 40 inch pants in 3 months I have a 33 inch waist

Michael Reeder.

Having the surgery was the best thing I ever did for myself. My confidence and been brought up to a new level. I love being able to buy all the great looking clothes. Dr. Hanna is the best. He has done a fantastic job all along my journey. I highly recommend his to everyone.

Barbara Ramsey

Dr Hanna has been a life saver, I weighed 202lbs and now I’m down to 110lbs. I use to wear size 16 and now I’m wearing a size 1. The Care of Dr Hanna and his staff in incredible I’m a new Woman thanks to Dr Hanna. Dr Hanna has been very supportive though out the entire process, Information provided was so informative it may my decision easier for me to go ahead with my surgery. I’m very happy and satisfied with the entire process, from the very beginning I had the mind set that Dr Hanna was going to do his job and he did, now it’s my turn to do my part witch is eating rite and exercising. I’m very thankful for Dr Hanna and what he has done for my new life.

Valerie Solorzano

Dr. Hanna is a brilliant man. He saved my life. I was sick with hypertension and snored too much. After my surgery my life has changed, no more sickness. I have a beautiful life and a happy husband. Thanks doctor Hanna!!

Maria Chaque

Thanks to doctor Hanna I am off of eight different kinds of medication and healthier every day. I can run and play with my grandchildren. I love vacations, hiking, rowing and swimming.

Traci Cortez

Seeing Dr. Hanna was the best decision I ever made. I was on the wrong track of life. After my surgery my life has never been better, personal and professionally!

Mark Obrion

Dr. Hanna saved my life. I was on oxygen suffering from Pulmonary Hypertension among other various illnesses! And with the sleeve surgery I am without oxygen unless I’m traveling or flying. His staff is amazing! I love you guys for saving my health and my life! Thank you so much.

Carissa Wieck

Dr Hanna and his entire staff have been great throughout the entire time of this process. I am so glad I did this with absolutely no regrets. I feel great can't wait to lose more weight and keep it off. Keep up the great work!!

Mark DiFrancesco

From day one, Dr. Hanna was amazing. He is very personable and really cares for his patients. I’ve lost over 100 lbs and with that weight loss came energy, and I was able to get my life back. I went back to school, got my message therapy license and now I go out dancing almost 3 days a week. I enjoy shopping for clothes again, looking good in clothes. Seeing the clothes I used to wear being so big on me was a kick. My husband jokes about how before he couldn’t put his arms around me and hold his hands, and how he can now. We are both extremely happy with the results. The best thing was, immediately after surgery, my medical problems caused by my weight were beginning to dissipate and before long were gone all together. I would recommend this surgery to everyone. It’s the best gift one could give themselves.

Summer Picard

I owe my new beautiful skinny life to Dr. Hanna and staff. This is the healthiest I’ve ever felt. I’m so happy.

Kristina Cunningham

I am very happy to say my surgery has been extremely successful. Besides looking better, I have met my main goal of controlling my diabetes, high blood pressure, and all the complications that came as a result of that disease.

April Spilsbury

This has been the most positive experience I have made for myself. Dr. Hanna and his staff have been supportive and encouraging throughout this journey. I have tried many diets only to fail and gain more weight back. The lap band has helped me to establish better eating habits and develop a consistent exercise regime. The procedure is relatively painless, recovery time is short and the results are wonderful. I feel better, have more energy and have been able to lower my blood pressure medications. I enjoy buying smaller size clothes and hearing good remarks about how I look.

Debra Besaw

When I met Dr. Hanna I was 306 lbs, now 15 months later, I’m 178. I went from a size 26 to a size 10. I feel so good, so much energy. I’m getting married next month. But Dr. Hanna is amazing.

Jasmine Joseph

Dr Hanna made my weight loss dreams come true!!!!! With his help I look and feel great, My diabetes is Gone!!! I no longer shop for fat chick clothes

Karen Ford

Thank You Dr Hanna you helped change my life for the Better, God Bless You!!!

Miles Gonzales

Dr Hanna and his Staff has Given Me a joy that is indescribable. because of them my smile is brighter and my soul is complete and whole once again. I love my self more an I ever have!!!! Thank You again Las Vegas Bariatrics

Nicole Alexander

I want to thank Dr. Hanna for changing my life. Before my surgery I had lots of health problems. High Blood pressure, Asthma, Beginning of Diabetes, Severe Sleep Apnea and pain on my Knees. After I lost 133 lbs, I don’t have Any health problems and not taking any meds, I feel like another person. I enjoy life, I am very happy, having the surgery was the best thing I have ever done fro myself. Dr. Hanna, Thanks again for saving and changing my life.

Alejandra Jimenez de Chavez

I feel awesome. I started this process in August 2012, surgery on November 7th 2012 now March 2013 I’m down over 100 pounds. I have more energy played in my High School alumni water polo game in February I’m 43 and started scuba diving again. Dr. Hanna is a wonderful surgeon. Thank You Dr. Hanna.

Bradley Skilling

I am very greatful for Dr. Hanna. He has literally saved my life. I was starting to have medical problemss from being obese. I was told by my GP to lose weight or I would die at a young age. I have dieted most of my life to very little satisfaction. I was given Dr. Hanna's name and phone number by one of my husband’s co-workers. Truly, I must say that the first few months before the surgery were horrible. Because of course you have to prove to your insurance that you are ready for a life change and not a miracle cure. However, it turns out that one year later it has proven to be my miracle cure. I have lost 110 pounds and almost at the goal that I originally set for myself. You do hit plateaus along the way so you still have to take actions to convince your body that you are serious so that it will start losing again. I don't have all the joint pain that I used to have, the high blood pressure, the sleep apnea, or the diabetes I was starting to show sights of. It was definitely not an easy thing to do but I am very happy that I did it. I have had the Gastric Sleeve. Previously, I heard horror stories about the Lap Band and all the maintenance that goes with it. And the other choice was just to much for me to contemplate. Now I shop in the regular size people clothes and still get a thrill when I put on an outfit that I think will never fit but does. Thank you so very much. Sincerely,

Jan Misch

Seeing Dr. Hanna started me on a journey for better health. Terrific staff and very helpful. I have sleep apnea and used a CPAP device for over 20 years. The air pressure setting was 15 now it’s 8. CPAP device is no longer extra luggage on short trips. I was on insulin and 3 other diabetes pills and soon to be free of diabetes.

Floyd Santa Ana

Dr. Hanna is a wonderful surgeon. His professionalism is the best. I had the gastric sleeve 1 ½ years ago. I have lost 120lbs. I have more energy and I can run! I have recommend Dr. Hanna to anyone that needs this weight loss program. If you follow his instructions you will lose the weight. I am probably in the oldest age group that had the surgery and don’t regret it one minute. The office staff is great. The hospital experience was so personal. Thank you Dr. Hanna.

Sandra Grove

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