Extreme Weight Loss

While it is the most extreme operation we perform at Las Vegas Bariatrics, it also delivers the most significant weight loss and the highest resolution of diabetes mellitus: data has shown that there can be up to a 95% resolution of diabetes with this operation.

What is a duodenal switch?

Duodenal switch is a two-step surgery that works via several mechanisms throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Sleeve gastrectomy restricts food intake, reduces absorption, and alters the hormones of the gastrointestinal tract. This part of the operation also reduces ghrelin, a hunger hormone, increasing insulin sensitivity and fat utilization.

The second step, a duodenal ileostomy (SADI), disconnects the small bowel from the stomach to reconnect it lower on the system. This directs food that would typically go through the entire intestine and bypasses it to the end of the intestine. Generally, most patients with this surgery can maintain more significant weight loss over the long term.

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Am I a candidate for duodenal switch surgery?

Generally speaking, this surgery is reserved for patients with a BMI greater than 50 and diabetes mellitus that has been poorly controlled. Potential candidates should remember that the success of any weight loss or metabolic surgery is contingent upon many lifestyle changes. However, at Las Vegas Bariatrics, you are never alone – we deliver the support you need and deserve for a lifetime.

Can I have duodenal switch surgery performed if I already had bariatric surgery?

For patients with prior bariatric surgery, an in-depth evaluation is needed to determine if revision surgery is necessary to optimize weight loss and overall health. This evaluation would require a meeting with a comprehensive team that includes your:

  • Surgeon
  • Dietitian
  • Counselor
  • Other mental health professionals
  • Other physicians or specialists involved in your care

What is the recovery process like?

Your recovery time after a duodenal switch procedure will vary depending on your overall health. Most patients require a hospital stay between two and five days, taking three to four weeks off work to recover. However, some patients may require six weeks to achieve optimal healing.
After this initial recovery, it is essential to understand that recovery is ongoing due to the lifestyle changes you must adopt, including:

  • With a smaller appetite, you will need to find your new full mark and stay with it
  • An effective exercise plan will also be essential for your recovery and commitment to a healthy future
  • To ensure your weight loss journey is going smoothly, you will also have frequent follow-up appointments with our medical team throughout the next couple of years
  • These appointments typically transition into more periodic meetings for the rest of your life

Beyond meeting with us, your support team is always there for you when you work with Las Vegas Bariatrics. We’re dedicated to helping you adopt these lifestyle changes so you can enjoy your results and live a happier, healthier life.

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How can I find out more?

The duodenal switch is a complex operation that requires specialized pre-and post-operative care. Your medical team at Las Vegas Bariatrics is trained and experienced in all bariatric procedures to provide the best results and most remarkable outcomes for you.

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Why choose Las Vegas Bariatrics?

Dr. Bernie Hanna, Dr. Morgan Pomeranz, and Dr. Punam Patel have patients that follow them for life because they know they will get the care and attention they need to pursue their health and wellness goals. Our surgeons and support staff are dedicated to helping patients like you safely achieve optimal living. We provide the support and knowledge you need to maintain your weight loss with a successful journey to wellness and health. To learn more and find out if you are a candidate for a duodenal switch, reach out to us. Our friendly, caring staff will welcome you, each committed to delivering the highest level of patient care at every phase of the journey to wellness and health. 

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