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The Top Bariatric Surgery: Why Gastric Sleeve Surgery Is So Beneficial

Bariatric surgery is becoming more popular as a weight-loss solution, and there are many types of bariatric surgery. One of the top surgeries in this category is gastric sleeve surgery. What Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery & How Does It Differ From Other Bariatric Surgeries? A sleeve Gastrectomy is where a bariatric surgeon removes up to …

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What’s the Difference between Gastric Band, Gastric Sleeve, and Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Although these different types of bariatric surgeries have a lot in common, they are each completely different procedures. One even involves removing a portion of the stomach, while the others just limit areas of the stomach that food has access to. Gastric Band Surgery This type of surgery does just what it sounds like: It …

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