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Surviving The Halloween Season After Bariatric Surgery

Survive Halloween After Bariatric Surgery! Life after bariatric surgery will often lead to a more active lifestyle, especially during the Holidays. Starting in Fall the days that you used to stay inside and hide or feel sick are soon replaced with more face to face interactions like work parties, coffee meetups and public settings like …

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How to Prevent Leg Cramping After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Often weight loss surgery patients will call in and ask, What can I take for leg cramping after Gastric Bypass Surgery?” Online informational sites can be daunting and flooded with mis-information that gastric sleeve patients may feel overwhelmed or cautious to follow. While it is important to always consult your bariatric surgeon or nutritionist when facing …

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5 Fitness Tips For Bariatric Patients

Postoperative fitness plan for Bariatric patients. Many patients ask a common question: When can I start exercising after my surgery? Lets keep it simple. Since all of the surgeries are minimally invasive meaning that small incisions with minimal pain, one should be ambulatory immediately after surgery. So in the recovery room, one hour after your …

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4 Steps To Stay Hydrated After Weight Loss Surgery

Staying hydrated is an important part of the recovery process following bariatric weight loss surgery. Water is an essential nutrient that helps to prevent fatigue, headaches, constipation, dry skin, dizziness and it also helps to prevent more serious complications following your surgery.   While drinking the recommended amount of water can be difficult with the …

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A Lesson on Restraint

It was Friday- the day before July 4th weekend. I’ve really wanted to try out this new BBQ joint that I hadn’t been to before. I was craving ribs given the nostalgia surrounding the time of year. I drove down there late afternoon, pulled up to this really local-looking, hole-in-the-wall joint. I could smell the …

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