Benefits of Bariatric Supplements

Bariatric Supplements are extremely important for patients who undergo weight loss surgery.

Patients should be taking some form of bariatric supplements or vitamins. Research has proven that all bariatric surgery patients are at risk for deficiencies of vitamins B1, B12, A, C, K, D, as well as iron, zinc, selenium, copper, and folate.

Studies show Bariatric Supplements are beneficial after Bariatric Surgery. Making sure that you consume the proper vitamins and minerals is important for maintaining a healthy body. Supplements aid brain function, metabolism, appetite, healing, and many other benefits. You can usually get these nutrients from the foods you eat, but if you’ve had Bariatric Surgery, you may need to take bariatric vitamins or supplements to offset malabsorption and changes in your nutrient intake.

Patients who have had bariatric surgery, should ensure they are getting all the nutrients your body needs, which may be tricky with your new, more limited, post-weight loss surgery diet. Bariatric surgery can also result in vitamin malabsorption that then leads to negative conditions that develop as a result of these deficiencies without the aid of bariatric supplements.

Your doctor can provide nutrient details specific to your surgery. It is important to discuss with your doctor to find out your nutritional needs post bariatric surgery. To buy Bariatric Advantage or Fusion Bariatric Products Contact Las Vegas Bariatrics so we can assist you in purchasing your desired product(s).


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