Are you one of those people who have already tried every nonsurgical method out there, like exercise and dieting to take off your excessive weight? Or has a family member or friend done the same just to be frustrated with the results? Then you might need to ask your healthcare provider in the event you can undergo a Gastric Sleeve surgery. Bariatric surgery is advised by a Bariatric surgery specialist for people who possess a Body Mass index of 35 and above, accompanied with severe morbidity problems like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and hypertension. In case you have not discovered about Bariatric surgery, this is an operation performed through a laparoscope. This is really a surgical instrument that sends an image of the gut to a video display. Compared to other surgical methods, laparoscopic surgery, is preferred as the patient has less scars, comparatively less bleeding, as well as the healing process is faster. Success rate is higher as well, as already proven by research. The Gastric Sleeve reduces the stomach size; thus the size of the digestive organ is extensively reduced. The patient eventually loses weight due to the reduced food intake. Also the hunger hormone ghrelin is reduced, which decreases the individual’s appetite after surgery. This is one benefit that many patients love. This eliminates a lot of the cravings and mindless eating that many people experience before surgery. There are numerous favorable testimonies relating to this process. Patients discovered that they’ve a better prognosis with themselves: feeling better and gaining more self-confidence. What is more, it has been established by research that patients who undergo this type of operation have fewer chances of dying from diabetes, heart, and cardiovascular issues in contrast to individuals who are overweight and did not experience Bariatric surgery. A long-lasting lifestyle change is a must for the surgery to be effective. An obligation to possess balanced healthy diet and regular exercise will gradually result to great improvements. Sticking closely to the doctor’s advice will really make the surgery a private success for the patient. Poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle should be critically removed. Do not fall to the trap of saying to yourself, “OK, I can do this”, just to find yourself back into your old lifestyle. Be determined to realize that healthy body you have been longing for. Seek support from your family and friends; they can be part of your support team along with your doctor.

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