For many teenagers and young adults, obesity can be difficult to overcome through traditional weight loss methods and programs. Adolescents who are diagnosed as morbildy obese often face many physical and psychological challenges, including conditions such as hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease along with low self-esteem, image and confidence. Obesity rates in adolescents are continually increasing leading to a rise in the number of bariatric surgeries performed on children, teens and young adults. Bariatric, or weight loss, surgery is one of the most effective methods for treating obesity in adults and adolescents who have not found success through changes in diet and exercise. There are multiple bariatric procedures with individual benefits, but in the most common procedures, the size of the stomach is reduced with a gastric band or through the removal of a portion of the stomach and the small intestitne is re-routed to the smaller stomach pouch. Qualifying For Bariatric Surgery Generally, bariatric surgery is performed on patients with a BMI of 40kg/m2 or greater and those who have been able to achieve results from traditional diet and exercise programs. Qualifying for bariatric surgery, especially on young bodies, requires comprehensive evaluation by an experienced bariatric surgeon. There are many factors that play into the success of bariatric surgery and they must be considered thoroughly prior in order to avoid serious complications after. Medical Benefit Of Bariatric Surgery In Adolescents Many obese adolsecent patients are already facing other physical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and hypertension among others. Bariatric surgery is more than a weight-loss procedure, it is intended to help and encourage patients to live healthier and more active lifestyles. Through bariatric surgery, many young patients have achieved significant results in both weight loss and improvement of other health related conditions, along with finding support for long-term health and well being. Studies performed on bariatric surgery patients, showed that the procedure caused significant weight loss, recovery from diabetes, improvement in cardiovascular risk factors and mortality reduction from around 40 percent to only 23 percent. On a study conducted ‘Teen Labs’ showed “three years post-surgery only 5 percent of study participants had three or more risk factors; representing significant reduction in the overall likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease later in life”. The reduction in heart disease by this significant amount, is pivotal in reducing the number of casualties in late teens, and a key contributing factor in the rise of bariatric surgery for this age group. Psychological Benefit Of Bariatric Surgery In Adolescents While obesity can affect the self-image and self-esteem of a person at any age, these issues can intensify in earlier years. Unfortunaly, obesity can negatively affect the social and psychological life of many teenagers and young adults. Sadly, society dictates that a person should look a certain way, and for these reasons morbidly obese adolescents unfairly face many social obstacles such as applying for a job or finding a partner. The sheer rise of social media can severely affect an obese person’s self-esteem and hamper social interactions, which in the long run can lead to other psychological conditions. The fact remains that the world has the wrong perception about obese patients and even though most have tried countless ways to curb obesity, they often struggle to find either initial or longterm success. Las Vegas Adolescent Bariatric Surgery At Las Vegas Bariatrics, Dr. Bernie Hanna and his compassionate team seek to help teenagers and young adults who have tried numerous ways to lose weight and improve their physical well being. Through bariatric surgery, countless adolescents have been able to achieve a new lease on life at an earlier time. For more information or to scheudle a consultation, contact Las Vegas Bariatrics at (702) 384-1160.

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