Recovering from surgery is always a step-by-step process. Here is a rundown of how recovery from gastric sleeve surgery usually goes, including pain, diet, activity, and more. Weight-Loss Surgery and Recovery: What to Expect The Day of Your Surgery When your bariatric surgery is over, the pain will be moderate. You will still be hooked up to an IV and receive pain medication that way. You probably won’t feel like eating. Activity is incredibly important after surgery. It’s vital to get moving and walk, even though it will be difficult. Day One After Surgery Day one might be pretty uncomfortable. You’ll be more active, but your anesthesia will have worn off. Pain medication will keep it manageable, but remember that you will be moving off the IV and onto oral medication. On day one, you’ll be able to drink clear liquids, which will be a relief because many patients feel thirsty after their procedure. Day Two Through Six You may still feel pain during this period. This is because you will be moving a lot more. But moving usually improves the discomfort by eliminated trapped gas. However, if your pain is unbearable and not what you expected, you should call us right away. As for diet, you will still be drinking clear liquids at this point. You won’t be able to move onto soft, solid foods until you are cleared to do so. You will be exhausted, but it’s important to move around a few times a day — as much as you have energy for. Week One and Beyond Gradually, your pain will become more manageable. It may be more annoying than painful beyond week one. For the next few weeks, you will need to stick to liquids and soft creamy foods that have been blended/pureed to avoid complications and speed healing. Like any major procedure, weight-loss surgery is a slow process. However, with patience and care, you can gradually progress with the chance to be healthier than ever – and Las Vegas Bariatrics can help you get there. Visit us online to find out more. Las Vegas Bariatrics 7220 South Cimarron Road Suite 100, Las Vegas NV 89113 (702) 384-1160

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