When some hear the term “weight loss surgery,” they automatically think of someone trying to take the easy way out. Having surgery that reduces the amount of food a person can eat – thereby improving their chances of weight loss – seems like an easier weight loss option. However, the reality is that bariatric surgery is not the easy way out. Let us explain why this is. 3 Reasons Why Bariatric Surgery Is Not the Easy Way Out There are at least three reasons why bariatric surgery shouldn’t be considered an easy way to lose weight. 1. Bariatric Surgery Is a Major Surgical Procedure A bariatric surgical procedure is not the most difficult procedure – but that doesn’t mean it’s the easiest either. Why is this considered a major surgery? It’s because patients have to: • Be put under general anesthesia • Deal with significant changes to their gastrointestinal tract • Post-surgery recovery time • Post-surgical pain or discomfort. Bariatric procedures are not a magic wand-like fix for weight loss. 2. You’re Still Going to Have to Diet Patients have to be extremely careful about their diet. During the first two weeks, they have to stick to a liquid diet. After that, soft foods are allowed. Patients have to slowly work up to solid foods again. This process takes a number of months and isn’t necessarily easy for most people. 3. There Could be Complications Not everyone reacts to surgical procedures in the same way – complications could happen. Those who don’t follow the dietary recommendations of their bariatric surgeon are also at risk for complications. Talk to a Trusted Bariatric Specialist About the Pros and Cons We highly recommend that people who are dealing with obesity schedule a consultation with a bariatric surgical team like Las Vegas Bariatrics. This allows us to determine whether weight loss surgery is a good fit for each patient’s unique needs. While bariatric surgery might not be the easiest way to lose weight – it could be a viable option. If you’re considering weight loss surgery, please contact our office. We’ll determine whether this is the best option for your needs. Las Vegas Bariatrics 7220 South Cimarron Road Suite 100, Las Vegas NV 89113 (702) 384-1160

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