Describe your life before you had Weight Loss Surgery.
I wasn’t able to be active. Always had no energy. Felt tired and pretty much lazy all the time. I also had sleep apnea.

How long were you considering Weight Loss Surgery before you came in?

I considered the surgery the minute I realized my insurance would help me. I tried diet after diet. And nothing was working. I had also reached my heaviest weight that I’d ever been, so that was definitely depressing!

What was it like to work with our team?

It’s been quiet a journey! But the team from the office too the surgeons have been absorbed incredible!

Describe your life now, after Weight Loss Surgery.

I love that I am able to be active without getting tired, I can keep up with my 2 year old now. I actually USE my gym membership. 5 days a week. It’s become just part of my everyday routine! My confidence has also gone total up! I don’t look down when I walk. Definitely have my chin up now! I actually love
eating what’s good for me instead of bad food. Because I am actually seeing results that I love so it’s rewarding.