Weight loss can be a tricky topic. We all know the basic formula for losing weight – consume less calories and burn more calories. But while this seems simple enough, it is much easier said than done. And even those who manage to lose weight over time sometimes find themselves struggling to keep the weight off, and putting on more weight later. Bariatric surgery can be very effective in helping a person meet and maintain their weight loss goals. A person who undergoes this type of weight loss surgery can easily shed pounds – and they can also succeed in keeping those pounds off in the future. Why Weight Loss Can Be Hard to Maintain Some people find it easy to lose weight. Given all the resources available, many people can find a diet and exercise program that works for them. But while losing weight is possible given a proper plan, it is often much harder to keep that weight off. When most people cut their calorie intake to lose weight, their body responds by craving more calories to compensate. In addition, their metabolism may also adjust. These changes can make weight loss difficult to maintain. But weight loss surgery can help with this problem. How Bariatric Surgery Helps Keep Pounds Off Those who have consulted a bariatric surgeon about a weight loss procedure may have expressed concerns about whether or not the changes will last. We all know that certain weight loss surgeries are designed to reduce the size of the stomach in many cases – but the procedure can have other beneficial side effects as well. Those who have received weight loss surgery over the years have noted that they have been successful at keeping the weight off. Some believe that it is due to their appetite being decreased after the surgery. This change is often enough to help a person change their eating habits and maintain their new weight loss. To speak with a bariatric surgeon about weight loss surgery and its long-term effects, contact Las Vegas Bariatrics today! Las Vegas Bariatrics 7220 South Cimarron Road Suite 100, Las Vegas NV 89113 (702) 384-1160

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