Staying hydrated is an important part of the recovery process following bariatric weight loss surgery. Water is an essential nutrient that helps to prevent fatigue, headaches, constipation, dry skin, dizziness and it also helps to prevent more serious complications following your surgery.


While drinking the recommended amount of water can be difficult with the smaller stomach pouch, it is still important to aim for a daily goal of 64 ounces of water. To help you stay hydrated after weight loss surgery, follow these four steps:

1) Have Water With You Everywhere You Go. By carrying a bottle of water with you at all times, you make it easier and more convenient to get the recommended amount of water in each day. Fill your water bottle early in the day and set goals that will help you keep up your fluid intake. Forgetting to drink enough water is easy enough as it is, but it’s even more prone to happen if you do not have water readily available.


2) Sip, Don’t Gulp. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that your new stomach will not be able to handle large gulps. Big gulps of any drink, not to mention chugging, will lead to nausea and vomiting, which can develop into more serious complications. Instead focus on taking small slow sips throughout the day. You may even want to use a straw to help you slow down your drinking. By having water with you at all times, you will also make it easier to take small sips rather than feeling the need to chug some water at the end of the day just to get it in.


3) Do Not Drink With Meals. Maintaining a healthy and consistent diet is also important as you recover from bariatric surgery, however your body will not be able to handle so much at once. You do not want to get full from too much water that you are not able to eat a meal. It is helpful to allow yourself 30 minutes before and after eating to drink water; this will ensure that one does not replace the other.


4)Avoid Sugary, Carbonated And Caffeinated Beverages. Sugary drinks such as Gatorade, carbonated drinks such as soda or seltzer water, and caffeinated drinks such as coffee can have a negative effect on your body after a weight loss procedure. Sugary drinks will add extra calories to your diet and can cause dumping syndrome, which occurs when food, particularly sugars, move from the stomach to the small bowel too quickly leading to issues such as cramping or diarrhea. Carbonated drinks can stretch out your stomach pouch over time and can also cause discomfort or bloating in addition to the added calories. Caffeine is a natural diuretic and as such will contribute to dehydration of the body.

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