The U.S. Medical Tourism Advantages: Stats & Facts

Medical Tourism Advantages of going to Las Vegas Provides Care Advantage
The United States leads the world in medical technology and innovation. That’s why it is little wonder that more than 800,000 people came to America last year for treatment of various conditions.
Las Vegas, already a tourist mecca for its shows and casinos, is swiftly moving to dominate the medical tourism industry. The city is home to several top clinics and health care providers, and thousands of the world’s top medical minds travel to Las Vegas each year for medical conferences. Medical tourism to Vegas is developing at such a swift pace that the city’s convention and visitors authority recently hired a medical tourism manager.
Patients seeking top tier care from the most advanced medical facilities in the world should consider Las Vegas. The city’s medical resources and exceptional quality of life make it ideal for treatment and recuperation. Come for treatment, and stay for relaxation in one of the most idyllic vacation spots in the world.

The U.S. Medical Tourism Advantage

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