Describe your life before you had Weight Loss Surgery.

Before my surgery I had a lot of health issues diabetes really bad in fact I was close to doing dialysis which I call a full-time job so to speak my legs and back hurt all the time no energy, acid reflux , sleep a pea you name I was dealing with it. My primary doctor was doing all he could do to regulate my sugar
which was in the 4 and 5 hundreds he finally said I was a good candidate for weight loss surgery and my journey begin.

How long were you considering Weight Loss Surgery before you came in?
Once my doctor recommended me I made the appointment. I was so tired of feeling the way I did and I didn’t want to go on dialysis so I didn’t wait I went for it

What was it like to work with our team?

Oh my God they are amazing Nicky was great .upon first meeting her she was informative, she answered all my questions, and I made a commitment to her that I would do whatever she told me to do people that I had talk to prior to my surgery was saying that it didn’t work or they had to jump thru too many hoops but I realized early on they it was no quick fix and that it was going to take work on my part and I did it it toke about 6 months for the prep testing and insurance and on May 18th 2021 I had my surgery the first week was hard the has pain and stomach discomfort and the liquid diet it all was a total life style change but i was committed to it it’s when I started I was 267lbs today its been 6 months and I weight 208 my goal is 175 not to much further to go

Describe your life now, after Weight Loss Surgery.
I was shutting insulin 4 times 130unit at a time plus oral medication 4 blood pressure pills a day , acid reflux pills I was taking 20 pills a day for various issues. Today I’m currently off 16 pills my diabetes is at normal levels the one thing I can do that I couldn’t do was cross my legs funny huh I love dancing but
before weight i couldn’t do it hurt hurt to much I recently went to a party and was on the same floor all night and the next day I didn’t hurt thank you Nicky and Dr. Hanna for giving me a life I could never have imagine