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Gastric Sleeve Questions and Answers

Have questions about gastric sleeve surgery? Here are some common Post Op and Pre Op questions and answers for anyone who is considering this type of Bariatric Surgery. Note: Weight loss surgery varies for each patient and is a process that should be consulted about with your medical provider to make sure that it is …

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6 Tips for Before and After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Undergoing weight-loss surgery is a big decision. Here are some important tips for both before and after your procedure to help you have the smoothest experience possible. Before Gastric Sleeve Surgery: How to Prepare Be Mentally Prepared This surgery will change your life in a number of ways. Being mentally prepared means understanding exactly how …

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How Does Our Hunger & Appetite Affect Us?

Hunger hormones:- Grehlin & Leptin How can Sleeve surgery play a role? How does our hunger and appetite affect us? Leptin is a hormone, made by fat cells, that decreases your appetite. Ghrelin is a hormone that increases appetite, and also plays a role in body weight. Leptin is a mediator of long-term regulation of …

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