Weight Control

Importance of Weight Control

Weight control and keeping a healthy weight is very important to your health. If you are underweight or overweight, or suffer from obesity, you may have a higher risk of certain health problems.

Around two thirds of adults in the U.S. are overweight or suffer from obesity. Achieving a healthy weight can help you control your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. Weight control can also help you prevent weight-related diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and some cancers.

Eating too much or not being physically active enough will make you overweight. To maintain your weight, the calories you eat must equal the energy you burn. To lose weight, you must use more calories than you eat. A weight-control strategy might include

  • Choosing low-fat, low-calorie foods
  • Eating smaller portions
  • Drinking water instead of sugary drinks
  • Being physically active

Along with bariatric surgery at Las Vegas Bariatrics we have many options available to assist with weight control.

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