Quarantine 15

The “quarantine 15” is what people are calling the weight gain a majority of Americans are experiencing during this crisis.  Research shows that stress alters overall food intake, resulting in either under- or overeating, which may be influenced by stressor severity. Chronic life stress seems to be associated with a greater preference for energy- and nutrient-dense foods, namely those that are high in sugar and fat.

When we’re worried or frightened, we’re more likely to seek out sugars, fats, and carbs for a quick energy boost. These comfort foods act like a natural tranquilizer that calms us down in times of peril.

To break the stress cycle, we must find stress-reducing activities, such as exercise, meditation, and yoga.

Here are some tips to help with stress eating.

1. Eat nutritious foods. 

2. Portion meals.

3. Practice mindful eating.

4. Inventory your kitchen.

5. Change your routine.

6. Exercise self-care.

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