Take nausea meds around the clock every 6 hours. For the first two days.

Sip very slowly only clear liquids.

Stop anything that makes you nauseated like medicines or food until your nausea is under control.

Pain Medication can cause nausea especially on empty stomach so limit pain meds.


Are you nauseated?

= Take nausea meds

Maybe you are drinking too much or too fast?

=Slow down. Sip slowly. Only clear liquids.

Goal is to stay hydrated. Drink up to 8 glasses of fluids daily.

If unable to keep fluids down, may need home IV.


Limit pain medicine as this can cause nausea and constipation.

Walking will help with discomfort from trapped gas.


Make sure that you are hydrating well

Drink enough fluids-water.

May take a stool softener

Blurry Vision

Remove Scopolamine patch. Wash your hands, and the area with soapy water.

Light headed

Check Blood Pressure
If low, hold blood pressure medicine and see primary MD
Check Blood Sugar
If low hold diabetes meds and see primary MD or Endocrinologist